The core of Kernarchitecten

Kernarchitecten is a family company. We think in generations.
You can see this in our work. 

We strive to durable successes. With love for our profession and sincere attention to our clients we are working on a sustainable living and working environment. To an inviting place where people want to be happy. Where they love to be.

An inviting place
for residents and users

Our designs are not a monument for our agency. They are for the residents and users. Therefore we design never before, but always with the people who go to live or work there.


The space that we create must accommodate their lives and their activities. He has to be right, fit like a comfortable jacket.

Space that's fits like a comfortable jacket 

Kernarchitecten works for housing corporations, companies, Governments, businesses and private individuals to projects in housing, utilities, renovation, care and education. Our experience and knowledge is very useful on spatial, social and financial fields. To run the cooperation with partners and the construction process smoothly, we use the Building Information Modelling methodology. [link page BIM]

We work for housing associations,
companies, Governments and individuals