HOUSE of Kernarchitecten

The history of the Malt factory begins in 1877 as a  factory where they produced caramel-dextrine based products. As early as 1879, the factory is sold to the Hillen brothers, they started producing artificial butter. In 1896, the 38-year old Louis Beltjens, buys the factory. He has ambitious plans to start producing malt in the former butter factory. 

During World War II the Germans occupied the factory. They use the factory as a storage place for food and wine which is transported from France to Mönchengladbach over the 'Iron Rhine' railway. In 1945 the wooden east tower was destroyed by fire which is replaced in 1947 by the current brick tower. In 1953 the factory expanded with a storage room and a production pilot. In 1974 the family Beltjens moved and the Malt factory was sold. Since then the factory was abandond, occupied by squatters and was seriously in decline. 

In 2005 Henk Wolters bought the dilapidated Malt factory from the Roermond municipality. The building, right behind the track in a residential area, is then in decline for over 30 years. With respect for the environment and the history of the building we have restored the Malt factory to a sustainable, comfortable work area where our current office sits. A place that radiates innovation and traditional craftsmanship which perfectly suits us.